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    We will send one quote per submission. We will not endlessly bombard your inbox which unfortunately is all too often the case in this industry. We're just like you, we're not fans of spam! Thank you for considering us.

    How It Works

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    We deliver your vehicle

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    Reliable & recognized by Licensed with the U.S. Department of Transportation, The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, Bonded and All Shipments are Insured.

    Why Book With Patriot Auto Transport

    We understand your pain points and offer our vehicle shipping services with expert diligence. We don't just transport cars; we go the distance to earn your trust.

    Quick Transport Time

    We strive to transport your vehicles quickly, but more importantly safely. We have the expertise and the know-how to navigate logistics across the country and from state to state. Your vehicle will be in the hands of experienced car shippers. Seasoned managers oversee and double-check every step of the shipping process to transport your vehicle to its destination in an efficient manner.

    Personalized Auto Shipping

    Patriot Auto Transport specializes in personalized auto shipping services. We firmly believe that there is no one size fits all solution to auto transport. When you choose our services, we will consider all particulars to give you the best car transport solution. Whether you want a more secure enclosed vehicle shipping service for your prized exotic car or wish to transport your daily driver on a more cost-effective open carrier, we have you covered.

     Vehicle Insurance Included

    Vehicle cargo insurance is included with the price quoted to put your mind at ease using our car shipping services for your prized vehicle. Employing the services of an auto transport company may come with a fair share of vetting, and we understand that completely. While we strive to take full care to ship cars safely, our service's carrier vehicle insurance will account for unfortunate mishaps.

     Reliable Auto Transport Services

    Providing reliable, trustworthy vehicle shipping services is our prime motto. With years of experience in the field and many glowing reviews to attest to it, your vehicle will be on our minds from the beginning of the journey until it's arrived safely at its destination. Our auto shipping crew is well-versed in all aspects of shipping safety, and you can worry a little less knowing we've done this countless times over our many years in the business!

     Real-Time Car Shipping Quotes

    Patriot Auto Transport is dedicated to providing prompt support to its clients, including real-time car shipping quotes. It's just a matter of filling out a small form, and we will quickly send you a quote. We know that getting a quick quote on car shipping costs matters to our clients, and we want to be there at every step. Numerous factors define car transport costs, including origination, destination, type of vehicle, method of transport, and time of year. We provide real-time quotes for your needs to help you decide more easily.

    Open & Enclosed Shipping Options

    Flexibility of service is very important for our customers, and we offer both open and enclosed shipping options to give a range of cost options. Open shipping is a common and effective means of auto shipping used by car movers. We offer this option with all necessary precautions to ship your vehicle safely to its destination. We also offer an enclosed shipping option if you're looking for a more secure shipping option especially to transport luxury or exotic vehicles. It offers extra protection to your vehicles against unforeseen weather conditions and debris.

    Our Vehicle Transport Services

    We offer reliable and hassle-free auto transport services with the detailed know-how to cater to the shipping needs of all vehicle types, from cars, SUV's, trucks, motorcycles and to top-end luxury vehicles as well as exotic and classic cars.

    Online Car Purchase Transport

    Are you looking to purchase a car online from a seller in another state? Allow us to assist!  We will send a car carrier to pick up and deliver your internet-purchased vehicle to your desired destination using top-quality shipping equipment. Our team of car shippers examines your newly-purchased vehicle upon pick-up and notes the condition on the Bill of Lading, which is a document that illustrates the condition of the vehicle prior to loading at pick-up and then once again at delivery.

    Exotic Car Shipping

    Exotic cars tend to hold a special place in their owners' hearts, and no one understands it better than us. We have the experience, team, and access to the right equipment to transport your exotic vehicle worry-free. Our skilled car shippers know how to keep your luxury vehicles safe and secure during transit, and there is no one better for your exotic car shipping needs than Patriot Auto Transport.

    SUV & Truck Vehicle Transport

    SUVs and trucks can pose a different kind of auto transport challenge to inexperienced car movers. But that's not us! We have the right equipment and the experience to transport your vehicle where it needs to go safely. Whether it's an SUV or a truck, Patriot Auto Transport has the know-how to transport vehicles correctly, regardless of size or shape.

    Classic & Vintage Car Shipping

    Classic and vintage cars often have immeasurable emotional or collectible value to their owners. We recognize this and offer every precaution available to transport your classics and often recommend an enclosed car carrier. We take no shortcuts when shipping these historical machines, and when it comes to vintage or collectible vehicles, our shipping procedures typically call for enclosed transport and we will often suggest that option, especially is restored. We want you to be completely at ease when entrusting your classic cars to us for shipping.

    Military Auto Transport

    Patriot Auto Transport is capable and ever-ready to service military members who must move quickly. The challenges of military relocation notwithstanding, vehicle transport at short notice can be quite overwhelming. We invite military members to contact Patriot Auto Transport for car transport needs. We will ship your vehicle across the country, to the next state, or within the state, depending on your next assignment.

    Custom Car Transport

    Although we offer specialized car transport services, not every case can fit into these generalized umbrellas. If that feels like you, then you need not worry. We can offer you a customized solution based on your needs and circumstances. Get in touch with us so that we can further discuss your specific requirements.

    Auto Movers from a Trusted Source

    Trust is the most important factor in moving your precious vehicle. And Patriot Auto Transport has built itself a reputation as a reliable and trustworthy source for moving vehicles across the United States. We have a trusted background - Patriot Auto Transport is registered with the U.S. Department of Transportation and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

    Express Vehicle Shipping

    Our expansive shipping network supports various car transport requirements, with the goal of express vehicle shipping. From the get-go, you will experience seamless, lightning-fast service, starting with our real-time quotes. Following on, we can fulfill your shipping orders at industry-leading times. Our experienced shipping managers will work hard to provide express vehicle shipping pertaining to your auto transport route.

    Auto Shipping From State to State


    Our strong transport network is present in the contiguous United States, allowing us to bring our services to you between states seamlessly. Our routes include major U.S. cities, including Los Angeles, New York, Dallas, Chicago, Washington D.C., Miami, Boston, etc... In addition, we can service your auto shipping needs in any contiguous state while taking detailed consideration of your requirements.

    Affordable Auto Transport

    Our extensive shipping network enables us to offer our car transport services throughout the country in which we strive to provide affordable, competitive rates. Whether you want to transport a car, a truck, or an SUV, you can be assured our auto shipping quotes are honest. In addition, we offer our quotes on the initial inquiry provided we have all the pertinent details of your shipment. We offer great value without compromising on any essential elements of a successful transport.


    Getting Your Vehicle Ready To Be Shipped

    1. Remove Any Non-Permanent Accessories

    Our long experience in auto shipping has given us the know-how to deal with the secure transport of various passenger vehicles. You can contact us for a custom solution if your requirements do not fit our existing service umbrellas. We have worked with every vehicle, from large SUVs and trucks to rare exotics. So, we have access to the right equipment, team, and knowledge to offer custom vehicle shipping services to anyone needing tailored auto transport services.

    2. Wash Your Car

    It is a good idea to wash your car before you send it off to ship. This will assist in a more comprehensive Bill of Lading illustration which notes the condition of the visible exterior of your vehicle. You will be able to more effectively compare and contrast the condition report of your vehicle in regards to pickup and delivery.

    3. Take Pictures and Document Vehicle's Condition Before Transport

    If possible, and in a safe environment take clear photos of the vehicle from all four sides before it is loaded onto the car carrier and shipped. While damages during transport are rare, they can happen, and thus, the importance of the Bill of Lading as well as any substantiating visuals at the time of pickup and delivery.

    4. Check Your Vehicle's Exterior

    Give the vehicle a thorough walk-around and check your car's exterior. Once you have checked the vehicle to your satisfaction, you will be better informed to identify any issues that may have been preexisting or that were a result of the transport, although rare.

    5. Leave Gas Tank ¼ Full

    Remember to leave some gas in the vehicle's fuel tank. This fuel reserve will cover your back if you have to meet the car carrier at a designated location in the area and have to drive the vehicle to your place after shipping. 

    6. Remove Any Personal Items

    For a smooth and secure shipping process, remove personal and/or household items from your vehicle, including valuables and loose items. 

    7. Take Care of Any Maintenance

    You may want to take care of any maintenance work on your vehicle before it is sent for transport, especially if you have a local service provider you're more familiar with.

    8. Leave The Keys

    You'll leave the keys to the vehicle with the driver. They will need them to load and unload your vehicle from the carrier. The driver will only run the vehicle for essential tasks related to the shipping process.

    9. Ship Your Vehicle

    The driver or dispatch will notify you once they have narrowed down the time period for the auto transport truck's arrival. You can expect to receive notification prior to your vehicle arrives at its destination 

    Reliable, Affordable, Express Auto Transport

    Patriot Auto Transport is your answer to smooth and reliable auto transport. At Patriot Auto Transport, our priorities are straightforward: to deliver our clients' vehicles securely and on time. Over the years, we have earned the trust of countless clients and some of the biggest companies in the sector with our strong work ethic.

    We aim to please you with the best quality of service and always seek to provide the best solution to the customers' car shipping needs. This means providing quick, affordable, competitive service and using our extensive shipping network to transport vehicles at express times. Connect with us today to receive a real-time car shipping quote and discover why countless customers trust Patriot Auto Transport to transport their vehicles.

    Honest Vehicle Shopping

    At Patriot Auto Transport, we don't aim to be anything we're not. We run a single business and aim to do it with the highest diligence and fidelity to our clients. Working with us, you will always find us striving to give you the best solution to your requirements.

    It is part of our never-ending effort to earn and maintain our clients' trust, and the many glowing testimonials we have received prove the results of our painstaking efforts. Our industry reputation is easily showcased by the many positive reviews out there letting others know of their experience in choosing us for reliable vehicle shipping.

    Vehicle Cargo Insurance Included

    Your vehicle will be insured while on the truck under a car carrier's cargo insurance policy throughout the duration of the transport. Shipping your treasured vehicle is daunting for anyone, and we recognize it better than anyone else. After all, it is very easy for an untrained professional to cause big and small issues to vehicles during shipping.

    This is why all our practices revolve around maintaining reliable quality of service and reassuring our clients' worries about the safety of their vehicles. The car carrier's insurance policy is automatically included as a standard part of every vehicle's shipping process and will give you peace of mind while your vehicle is transported to its destination.

    Custom Vehicles Shipping Services

    Our long experience in auto shipping has given us the know-how to deal with the secure transport of various passenger vehicles. You can contact us for a custom solution if your requirements do not fit our existing service umbrellas. We have worked with every vehicle, from large SUVs and trucks to rare exotics.

    So, we have access to the right equipment, team, and knowledge to offer custom vehicle shipping services to anyone needing tailored auto transport services.

    Frequently Asked Questions