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Patriot Auto Transport is the trusted vehicle shipping company in the local LA area, helping to provide all of your vehicle shipping needs. Our team of experts will help to get your vehicle safe from point A to point B at an affordable price. We make shipping your car, SUV, minivan, or truck easy with nationwide door-to-door service that can’t be beaten.

With over 10+ years of experience, we’ve been helping to serve the local LA market with our auto transport services.

As the second most populous city in the United States, Los Angeles requires a car shipping company that can accommodate a vast number of residents. Here at Patriot Auto Transport, we understand the needs of such an important client base and possess the vehicle shipping equipment necessary to provide complete customer satisfaction.

Regardless of whether you are shipping a car to Los Angeles or transporting a vehicle from Los Angeles, Patriot Auto Transport takes pride in offering quality car shipping services at every step of the way. It is not always easy to find a reliable car shipping company in California – many companies cut costs by hiring inexperienced employees and making use of inferior auto shipping equipment.

At Patriot Auto Transport, we utilize only the best staff and best car shipping technology available. You can rest assured that your vehicle will ALWAYS be in the hands of an expert car shipper who is trained in operating vehicle transport equipment in the safest, most efficient manner possible.

Our mission is to make the auto transport process both simple, easy and affordable so you can transport your vehicle to/from LA without having to worry. Our professional team handles all of the heavy lifting, providing the highest-quality customer service to ensure the satisfaction of our customers.

A Guide to Shipping a Car to and from Los Angeles, California

Shipping a vehicle may seem like a complicated process to some, but that’s because a lot of the competition simply makes the process both expensive and complex. Our number one goal at Patriot Auto Transport is to ensure that we make the entire vehicle shipping process both simple, and affordable for our customers. There’s a reason that our auto transport services are top-rated in the local LA area.

We understand that your car is a very precious possession, and working with shipping customer’s vehicles every single day, we know how important it is to safely transport your vehicle from start to finish.

Whether you're moving into one of the many colleges such as the University of Southern California, UCLA, or Pepperdine this coming semester, or looking to ship that newly purchased exotic car from coast-to-coast, we’ve got you covered.

Let’s take a quick look at how the actual vehicle shipping process works:

Special Requirements for Vehicle Shipping to/from LA

Some customers have special needs when shipping their vehicle, and we surely work to accommodate that for you. Listening to our customer’s needs is extremely important, and our expert team works to fulfill all of your auto transport expectations.

We have full flexibility to customize your order based on exact shipping needs. Whether it’s a special sports car with a low ground clearance that needs to be shipped on an enclosed carrier using a hydraulic lift or special ramps or if its a large, modified SUV or truck that would require a flatbed for transport we are here to provide the solution!

Get in contact with our experts today for a free quote on auto transport to/from Los Angeles.

Our LA Auto Transport Services

We have a full service offering for our local LA customers to meet all of your vehicle relocation needs:

  • Auto Transport

Shipping your car to/from LA? We provide enclosed vehicle transport as well as open trucks, depending on your exact shipping needs.

  • SUV & Truck Transport

We ship SUV and trucks nationwide, whatever the vehicle’s size.

  • Exotic & Classic Car Transport Services

Shipping classic or exotic cars requires the utmost caution and care during the transportation process. We help to ship your exotic or classic car nationwide with care and ease.

  • Motorcycle Shipping

Make transporting your motorcycle an easy process with our motorcycle relocation services, whether to/from LA.

  • Car Dealership Shipping

Our auto transport services are perfect for dealerships looking to move ship vehicles nationwide with ease.

  • Online Car Buyers

Make your next online car purchase simple, with on-site delivery of your newly purchased vehicle right to your front door.

  • College Car Shipping

If you're moving into The University of Southern California, UCLA, Pepperdine or one of the other many great universities this coming semester, or need your car on campus wherever in the local LA area, we're ready to help transport your vehicle to college!

  • Film & Movie Industry Shooting Location Shipping

We help film crews transport their own vehicles to shooting locations across the country, simplifying the entire transport and logistics process.

  • Home Car Moving

Moving to a new home can be a complicated process in itself. That's why we offer services to handle the moving of your vehicle so you can get off on the right foot at your new home.

  • Auto Auction Shipping

Whether you’re purchasing a new vehicle at auction or looking to easily transport vehicles after their purchase, we offer door-to-door delivery.

  • Military Auto Transport

Special services for our military men and women who are looking to relocate a vehicle nationwide.

  • Auto Transport with Special Requirements

Our shipping services are fully customizable around your vehicles specifics.

How does Los Angeles car shipping work?

Los Angeles is home to Hollywood, widely considered to be the entertainment capital of the world. To deal with the unique needs of such customers, Patriot Auto Transport specializes in shipping exotic cars to Los Angeles, transporting luxury vehicles from Los Angeles, and everything in between.

Furthermore, we have years of experience shipping classic cars to Los Angeles to a wide variety of clients. Patriot Auto Transport can guarantee that your vehicle will be shipped to Los Angeles in the pristine condition that it was in when it left your hands.

Our simple process of shipping a vehicle to and from Los Angeles:

Step 1: Request a quote to book your order

Contact us now with your specific car shipping needs, and a dedicated customer support specialist will reach out shortly after to confirm your needs and prepare a quote.

Step 2: Prepare your vehicle for shipping

Remove all personal items from your vehicle, and ensure that the vehicle is in operating condition.

Step 3: We pick-up your vehicle at your provided LA, Orange County, Valley, Socal, or Norcal California location.

When shipping your vehicle to/from Los Angeles, we offer door-to-door pick-up and delivery services.

Step 4: We deliver your vehicle

Your vehicle is delivered to the provided end-destination in top condition.

Transporting your vehicle is really that simple with Patriot Auto Transport’s service.

What’s involved in the cost of shipping a car from or to Los Angeles?

Our affordable auto shipping services are priced competitively, with the highest-quality service offering that can be found in the local LA market.

Car shipping is made extremely convenient and complication-free with our auto shipping services. Patriot Auto Transport team is LA's experienced auto transport company that can fulfill all of your vehicle shipping needs.

Based on your exact shipping destination, vehicle type and any special requirements, our team will prepare a quote for your review.

Reach out today for a free quote for transporting your vehicle.

What our Los Angeles customers have to say

We strive to provide the best customer service possible to all of our customers.

See what our recent Los Angeles customers have to say about their shipping experience with Patriot Auto Transport by exploring our many 5 star vehicle moving reviews!

Frequently asked questions about our LA auto transport services

Can I ship my vehicle from LA to any location?

Our experienced team can help ship your vehicle to any location nationwide. Whether you’re moving to the East Coast, or just another state over, our team makes the entire vehicle shipping process easy from start to finish.

How do I pay for auto shipping?

Upon contacting us and providing your specific auto transport requirement, we will prepare a custom quote based on your exact needs and provide that to you for your review. We provide easy-to-pay invoicing accepting all major credit cards for the initial payment.

How do I get updates on my vehicle's relocation?

Once scheduled, and on the pickup side of your shipment, you will initially be notified from us via email (typically 6-24 hours notice via email) with a more narrowed down schedule. After that, and as the truck draws closer to the pickup location dispatch or the driver will call you to provide an updated estimated time of arrival (depending on traffic as well as prior pickup and drop-offs this estimate may change based on real-time occurrences). Upon delivery, you will receive a call from dispatch or the driver once the estimated time of arrival can be gauged.

Can I ship personal items in my vehicle?

Before shipping your vehicle, all personal items must be removed from inside in order for us to properly relocate your vehicle from point A to point B. This is for liability reasons, and the only items that may remain in your vehicle are spare tire(s), jacks, jumper cables and child safety seats.

Is any paperwork required for shipping to or from LA?

We require no additional paperwork from the customer’s side in order to transport your vehicle. All of the heavy lifting is done by our team. Simply let us know your exact requirements, and we will prepare a quote for your review.

Will my car be exposed to any elements?

Your vehicle is insured under the trucks cargo insurance from driver error, accident, fire, for examples... However, Acts of God (weather and the elements) as well as road debris are not covered under the trucks cargo insurance (this refers mainly to chips in the paint, and/or cracks/chips in the windshield or windows) as your vehicle will be subject to the outside environment. For added protection, please inquire about enclosed shipping if this is of concern.

When I ship a car to/from Los Angeles, is the service door-to-door?

Our comprehensive services are door-to-door, meaning the driver gets as close to your specified addresses as legally, safely and physically reasonable as there are a number of restraints on the large trucks, especially within cities, along some coastal regions, or in mountainous / hilly terrain. You may have to meet the driver on a side street, at a shopping plaza, or off a major roadway in the area if deemed inaccessible. The driver will determine this on approach and suggest a safe meeting spot close by if applicable.

Whether you’re looking to relocate a vehicle from LA to NYC, Los Angeles to Chicago, or just on the opposite side of the state we are happy to assist. We also provide custom quotes based on your needs to meet all of your auto transport expectations.

What's the cost to ship a vehicle to or from LA?

The exact cost of shipping a vehicle to LA depends on a variety of different factors, such as the make and model of your vehicle as well as any special requirements you might have. The end destination will also be a factor on the final price. Contact us today for more information and a free quote on transporting your vehicle from LA.

Do you offer auto transport services outside of Los Angeles?

We offer both pick-up and delivery services nationwide, with our East coast hub being located in Boston, and our West Coast hub being located right in LA. Whether you need your auto shipped to/from the East or West coast, our experienced team has you covered. Some of our most widely run auto transport routes are from Los Angeles to Dallas, LA to Austin, Los Angeles to Houston, Los Angeles to New York, Los Angeles to Boston, Los Angeles to Chicago, Los Angeles to Washington, DC, LA to Florida, etc...and vice versa.

Our Los Angeles Vehicle Shipping Service Area

We ship vehicles to/from LA, OC, The Valley, Socal, Norcal, as well as to and from all 48 contiguous U.S. states! We are a cross country, nationwide auto transport company.

Our car transport services can be fully tailored based on your exact shipping needs.

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Patriot Auto Transport’s reputation speaks for itself; we have made a name for ourselves by offering vehicle shipping services that meet the highest standards conceivable. Car shipping is not just our field of work – it’s our life.