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At Patriot Auto Transport, we’ll ensure that your vehicle is delivered safely and on time. From car shipping to truck transportation, we’ve got your needs covered. By providing expert service at the most affordable rates, Patriot Auto Transport has established itself as one of the nation’s premier car shipping companies. What distinguishes us from other car shipping services is our unique personalization for each client. We provide both open trucks and enclosed auto transport possibilities to fit your needs, striving to give your automobile the same level of care that you would provide for it yourself.

Many people feel anxious about allowing an auto transport company to move their vehicle. They are often concerned about damage or, even worse, theft. This is especially nerve-wracking to owners of rare, expensive, luxury, and classic cars who need their vehicles transported across great distances. These are often the customers who need car shipping services the most, since driving such a special car can result in unnecessary wear and tear. Here at Patriot Auto Transport, we can provide a number of reasons why our vehicle shipping services are incredibly safe and reliable – even safer than driving the car yourself, in most cases.

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