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Would you require driving my car?

The driver will need to load / unload your vehicle at the time of pickup and delivery as well as unload / load while in transit if a vehicle in a position in front of yours is to be delivered prior to yours. We recommend an ideal fuel level of 1/4 tank.

Would you need to unload/reload the vehicle?

Through proper planning, we ensure that the loading/reloading procedures are kept at a minimum. However, these may be indispensible in some cases and the vehicle may be loaded/unload during the transportation.

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When should I take off from work?

We will let you know the approximate pickup window and estimated transit times. Once scheduled on a truck we will then be able to narrow down this window down and provide notice once an estimated time of arrival can be gauged as the trucks are moving in real-time. It’s advisable to be in the area as your presence is indispensable at the time of pickup and delivery.

What payment options do you offer?

We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Paypal for deposits/pre-payments. For balance due, we will accept cash, postal money order or an official bank check.

What items are allowed in the car during transportation?

We do not prefer putting any personal belongings in the vehicle while it is being transported. Since delays can occur, items that are expected to reach before a pre-defined date, such as presents, documents etc., should not be placed in the vehicle. Moreover, all items should be kept safely in a bag which should be placed securely in the trunk and under 100 lbs in total weight. Additionally, we advise you not to put anything of value inside as it will not be covered under the trucks cargo insurance. You should read the Terms and Conditions page for more information.

What do I need to do, in case damage is found on the vehicle on delivery?

We strive to deliver the vehicle as safely as possible. Moreover, signed agreements before pickup and at delivery assure that we both are on the same page. In case you find that the vehicle has incurred damage during transportation, you should note the damage on the Bill of Lading with the driver present, pay the tariff, and then file a claim on the Carriers insurance within 24 hours.

Is my order traceable?

You can contact us to request a status update about the transportation. You can find more information on contact modes on the Contact Us page.

How much total time should I expect for the vehicle transportation?

The transportation time depends on the source and destination. On average, you can assume about 5 to 10 days for a vehicle being shipped from Chicago to Los Angeles. On receipt of your order, we will notify you about the time. However, you must understand that these quotes are simply averages and delays are possible.

How do you define door-to-door service?

This means that the auto shipper will try his/her best to gets as close to your door as possible. You should understand that often there are legal and safety restraints and a desired pick-up or delivery proximity to the house is not always possible. Low-hanging trees or wires, narrow streets or tight turns can limit the truck from getting near the house.

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Do I need to prepare my vehicle before getting it hauled?

It is advisable to bring the vehicle to order before scheduling your auto shipment. Make sure there is sufficient fuel in it and it’s in operable condition. Also make sure that there aren’t any lose parts over the body or any other loose items inside the vehicle. This will help for a safer transportation

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Do I have to be there at the pick-up date or can I leave the vehicle somewhere?

It is very important that someone is available to sign the Bill of Lading (BoL) at the time of pickup and delivery. However, you can designate an able licensed person such as a family member, friend, neighbor, or coworker, if you yourself will not be available.

Am I eligible for compensation, in case of a mishap?

All in-transit damages incurred solely due to any sort of negligence on the Carrier’s part are eligible for a compensation claim. A minimum of $150,000 in total cargo insurance can be assumed. Please make sure to inspect your vehicle thoroughly and note any discrepancies at the time of delivery. If you discover damage at a later time it will not be covered as you have released the Carrier from any liability by signing off on the Bill of Lading.

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