Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We protect your privacy with all our might.

Patriot Auto Transport ensures the privacy of its clients and all necessary steps are taken in this regard. Your information is safe with us and the policy is strongly implemented at all stages of the process. Everyone involved in vehicle shipping, including the partner staff, will abide by these regulations without any exceptions.

We promise to preserve your confidentiality, accuracy and security of your personal information in its entirety. Your personal information is collected, used, retained and disclosed only within the limits as defined by the policy. These rules guide us in information processing, handling and distributing. Any partner members who assist in the process must abide by these policy laws and no exception, in any case, will be allowed.

What is personal information?

Your personal information is any piece of information that you provide to us during any official interaction with our staff, by email or phone. This may include your name, address, phone number, vehicle details or any other purchase information. You may have provided this information at many different occasions such as when asking for a quote, during support, feedback etc. This information is safeguarded by the policy and Patriot Auto Transport will only use it for purposes, directly related to automobile transport and delivery.

Collection of personal Information

Patriot Auto Transport collects your information only to facilitate vehicle shipping. Whenever you are asked for any piece of information, you will be notified about its use. You reserve the right of asking for it, if not provided. Only after a proper consent from your side, will the information collection process initiate. In rare cases, when it is clearly obvious, your consent will be implied.

Your personal information will not be used for marketing purposes and will not be provided to any third-party whatsoever, in any case. If any piece of information is required that allows us to serve you better in the future, we will mention it explicitly. You reserve the right to deny.

Use of your personal Information

We assure you that the information that you provide by any medium will only be used for matters pertaining directly to the automobile transportation. It will not be used for any sort of marketing purposes without a formal consent. We will inform you about the involved marketing partners, if you concede. You reserve the right to deny the use of your information for any purpose other than automobile transportation without affecting your delivery. You may withdraw your information during any stage of the process, however your information may be kept for archiving purposes once the delivery has been made.