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It is inappropriate to weigh all different types of vehicles on the same scale and provide one generalized solution. When you order our services, we will ask about specific details of your vehicle and then suggest the most suitable auto shipping plan for you.

Inoperable Condition — You’re far away from home and get into an accident with your beloved car. While you can always choose a repair shop in the immediate area, you would probably much rather have your vehicle fixed at a repair shop you know and trust. How will you get it there?

Here’s another scenario – You’ve stumbled upon a great vintage car that you would love to fix up. However, this vehicle isn’t located in your hometown, and the car isn’t in working condition. How are you going to take this car home so that you can begin the exhilarating restoration process?

Look no further than Patriot Auto Transport. Just because a vehicle isn’t working doesn’t mean we won’t move it. We are professional car shippers and are experienced in moving vehicles ranging from classic cars to luxury trucks to anything in-between — including inoperable vehicles. Don’t let the condition of your car keep it from you. Patriot Auto Transport will be the ones to bring it to your door

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