Terms & Conditions

Terms And Conditions

The party who owns the car will be herein called “Customer” and the one who carries will be referred to as “Carrier”.

  1. Patriot Auto Transport is a registered car shipping dealer and is licensed by the U.S Department of Transportation.
  2. Although the Carrier uses its own fleet of trucks, when necessary, it can contract another licensed auto carrier(s) to transport the vehicle.
  3. The Carrier will try to pick and deliver as close to the Customer’s identified place as possible within safety limits. However, several factors can limit the carrier from stopping at the preferred location. This may include low hanging trees or wires and residential area restrictions.
  4. The Carrier will agree to pick up and deliver at a specific date. However, weather conditions and other external factors may delay the arrival. No guarantee can be provided regarding the agreed date and delays are possible. Any loss – material or financial – of any sort such as car rent or accommodation fees is not the responsibility of the carrier. The carrier cannot be held liable for any mechanical failure that may arise due to this condition.
  5. The Carrier is authorized to transport the vehicle through different mediums which may necessitate loading and unloading from trucks and/or ship.
  6. It is responsibility of the Customer to prepare the vehicle for transportation. All non-permanent parts should be removed and secured before loading, otherwise the shipper will remove such parts himself/herself. The vehicle must be in good condition, if not specified otherwise, and fuel tank must not be filled more than half. Fragile and lose parts should be carefully identified and detached before the transportation initiates. Any damage or loss, material or human, resulting from non-compliance of this clause will be charged against the Customer.
  7. It’s the responsibility of the Customer to switch off the alarm system before the handover. Moreover, any special tricks required during the maneuver of the vehicle must be clearly explained to the shipper. In the absence of proper guidance, the Carrier may carry out the transportation by any means, without any further notice. The Carrier will not be liable for any damage/charges involved in the improvisation/repair.
  8. Luggage or any personal belonging must be placed in one suitcase and placed securely in the trunk. It should not be heavy and the total weight must not exceed 100 lbs. The Carrier can’t be held responsible for any loss of personal items, nor for any damage to the vehicle incurred due to lose items inside the vehicle.
  9. Following items are not allowed in the vehicle during transportation. Guns, explosives, ammunition, narcotics, alcohol beverages, flammable products, jewelry, live pets, and plants. The Carrier has a right to dispose off the aforementioned items without any notice. These items will not be delivered to the Customer, once the transportation has begun.
  10. It is the responsibility of the Customer to inform to the Carrier, if the vehicle is inoperable or oversize. The Customer should also inquire if there will be any extra charges for the inconvenience. If not done prior to the pick-up, any extra charges arising from the same must be paid at the time of delivery.
  11. You must provide accurate and updated contact information when placing an order. Once you have been assigned an auto shipper, you will be notified on your email address. The Carrier is not liable for any inconvenience caused due to non-receipt of email.
  12. The Customer can cancel the order and is eligible for a full refund of the deposit ONLY prior to the assignment of a truck. Once the shipper has been assigned, the deposit cannot be refunded.
  13. After the inspection of the vehicle, the shipper will note the damage on the Bill of Lading. Customer must sign the bill consciously, both at the time of pick-up as well as delivery. If, at the time of delivery, no damage has been observed on the part of the Carrier and the Customer signs the bill agreeing the same, the Carrier cannot be held responsible in the future.
  14. According to the Department of Transportation, all insurance claims must be filed in writing and the tariff must be paid before the claim processing begins. In the case of damage, the Customer is required to submit the claim within 24 hours of delivery.
  15. The Carrier has the right to reject an order without presenting any reason.

These terms and conditions are subject to change. It is the responsibility of the Customer to check with the updated text before hiring the service.