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Open Car Transport vs. Enclosed Car Transport

Looking to move a car across your state or even across the country? Patriot Auto Transport offers a variety of ways to move your vehicle. One of the best and most popular ways to ship a car is with an open carrier vehicle transport. An incredible number of cars are shipped across the United States daily, and we understand that it is very important to choose the right auto transportation service to fit your unique needs as a customer. Patriot Auto Transport can ensure that all necessary precautions will be taken to safely ship your vehicle via our open auto carriers. If you have special requirements for shipping a car or are concerned about weather and road conditions during the transport of your vehicle, consider making use of the enclosed carrier services provided by Patriot Auto Transport.

Which is quicker for a pick-up

Typically opting for an open auto transport yields a quicker pick-up than an enclosed car carrier as there are far more open trucks running routes than enclosed.

Which is faster for delivery

This can go either way and is not necessarily going to be the open carrier because the enclosed carrier typically holds less vehicles, therefore there are less cars to be picked-up and delivered throughout the transport.

Does one allow for personal items

As a courtesy we allow under 100 lbs. of combined weight and in the trunk only of personal items. These small amount of items are not covered under the trucks cargo insurance so we advise not to ship anything of value such as cash, jewelry, sentimental items, documents, or fragile items. This policy applies to both the open or enclosed car carrier.

Just the car and key

Whether you are shipping open or enclosed the driver will need the key to your vehicle. The vehicle registration is typically left in a compartment within the vehicle and title should be kept with you.

What You’ll Love About Patriot Auto Transport

Nationwide Auto Carrier Network

Nationwide Auto Carrier Network

Our carriers are carefully vetted to provide the best possible auto shipping experience. We have many healthy relationships within the industry.

Friendly Customer Service

Friendly Customer Service

The team prides itself on being helpful and communicative to our customers. The ultimate goal is a smooth, pleasant auto transport.

Auto Shipping Updates

Auto Shipping Updates

When your vehicle is in transit the driver or dispatch will next call you once the projected delivery can be assessed and the truck approaches your destination. You may also check in with us once the projected timeline is closer for updates.



Within the auto transport industry, the balance of the shipment is typically rendered on delivery in the following forms of certified funds: cash, certified check, cashiers check or money order when the truck reaches your location. The great thing about this is you will not have to pay for the bulk of your shipment until your vehicle has been delivered.

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