Buying a Car Online

Buying a car on the internet can be a great way to save money. However, the downside is that this vehicle might be located on the other side of the country. Here at Patriot Auto Transport, we understand the needs of internet car shoppers and can work with you to pick up and ship a […]

Home Car Moving

Moving from one place to another is a life-changing and potentially stressful event. Such a process is extremely time-consuming and can be made even more complicated by the burdens of shipping a car. Patriot Auto Transport specializes in such scenarios and can work with you to make your move an easy, efficient process. By considering […]

College Car Shipping

Although moving to college can be an incredibly exciting time, shipping a car to a new university can also turn this into a very stressful experience if the proper car transportation services are not utilized. Patriot Auto Transport is experienced in such matters and can ensure that your college experience starts off on the right […]

Snowbirds Car Shipping

Snowbirds car shipping service offered by Patriot Auto Transport is the ideal service for the type of person who travels to different locations based on the season. As a seasonal traveler, you likely need your car throughout the year. Driving your car to a new destination with every change of the season can be exhausting […]

Exotic Car Transport

Auto transport involving exotic cars, classic cars, and other luxury vehicles requires a great deal of extra care and experience from everyone involved in the car shipping process. As an owner of such a car, you should certainly be concerned that your vehicle is being handled by professional car shippers in a safe, proficient manner, […]

Classic Car Transport

We generally recommend that classic cars be shipped in one of our premium enclosed car carriers in order to protect from outside elements. Although the average classic car owner may not recognize the amount of stress involved in turning a car over to an auto transport company, owners of expensive, classic, and luxury vehicles certainly […]

Car Dealership Shipping

Shipping an entire lot of cars from one dealership to another can be a huge hassle. At Patriot Auto Transport, we offer car dealerships easy, affordable means of shipping cars. Regardless of the special needs of your dealership, we can help. As car shipping specialists, Patriot Auto Transport provides the highest-quality vehicle moving services and […]

Auto Auction Shipping

For car buyers who choose to purchase a vehicle at an auto auction instead of online or at a dealership, Patriot Auto Transport offers premium auto auction shipping services. Regardless of whether you are selling a car or buying a car at an auction, you will likely need to utilize a vehicle shipping company. The […]

Military Auto Transport

Here at Patriot Auto Transport, we recognize that members of the military must often move from one place to another in a rather frequent fashion. Such individuals are sometimes given very little notice for such a move, and shipping a car in this scenario can be overwhelming. If you find yourself in such a situation, […]

Motorcycle Shipping

Patriot Auto Transport offers not only car shipping, but motorcycle shipping services as well. We are one of the nation’s premier motorcycle transport companies, offering extremely affordable rates when shipping a motorcycle across the country. Whether you are looking for cheap motorcycle shipping during your relocation process or simply want to reduce the stress of […]